Chiropractic care is very important to the preparation of birth for pregnant women. The benefits to pregnant women having regular Chiropractic adjustments, prepare them for safer, and easier birthing for themselves and their baby. During pregnancy your weight increases, and your center of gravity shifts outward, which in turn causes your postural compensation to change accordingly. Additionally, the laxity of the ligaments necessary for birthing adds to the instability of all your joints, this includes the spine, and pelvis.  Due to this, a proper adjustment will help in relieving the pains that is caused by the added pressures on the spine.
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Dr. Alyson Parrish adjusting a pregnant woman
Our Pregnancy Chiropractic Services include Relief for Symptoms from: Nausea Hip Pain Lower Back Pain Balance Problems Dr. Alyson uses the Webster Technique to help remove sacral subluxation, balance pelvic muscles and ligaments to help potentially improve birth outcome.